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Algorithms for Data Science (DS-320, Fall 2023)

Instructor: Krzysztof Onak (
Office Hours: Wednesday 11am–1pm, CDS 1443 (or the adjacent common area)

Teaching Fellow: Dragos Ristache (
Office Hours: Monday 11am–1pm, 13th floor of CDS, blue northwest corner

Lecture: Tuesday/Thursday 1:30–2:45, CGS 527
Discussion sections:
    • Monday 3:35–4:25pm, CAS 220
    • Monday 4:40–5:30pm, CDS 263

Piazza (announcements and discussions): (code: 023SD)
Gradescope code for submitting homework: TBD

Satisfies the Following HUB Units: Quantitative Reasoning II (QR2) and Critical Thinking